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Triple Hill is independent game development studio based in Košice, Slovakia. Our goal is to create games with high production values and game mechanics that subvert common game design patterns.


Die by the blade draws it’s inspiration from legendary games like Bushido Blade, Way of the Samurai and Dark Souls. It aims to blend “1vs1” combat style with action adventure. One hit kill system and emphasis on parry and counters will leave no space for mistakes. Become master swordsman and fight to the death with other players in multiplayer or slash through tough AI enemies in adventure mode.


Underflow is an epic journey into the depths of alien world, where player commands group of microbots and guides their evolution. Experience unique tactical gameplay within the beautiful ocean environment. In this game, life is power. Literally. Life of a microbot is converted to attack power. Use this power to neutralize enemy and convert neutralized enemy to fight at your side..

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