Triple Hill
Based in Košice, Slovakia

Founding date:
January 1, 2015


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Triple Hill Interactive s.r.o.
Popradská 68
040 11 Košice

00421 904 517 004


Help an army of microbots fulfill their destiny in Underflow – an atmospheric, real-time tactical game arriving to Steam. Featuring an underwater “otherworld” filled with colorful corals, alien creatures, and exotic fungi. Underflow will surprise real-time tactics fans looking for a more contemplative, philosophical challenge. Core mechanics of the game is conversion between health and ammo. You have to plan your attacks and know when to withdraw from battle to save your life. Enemies can steal your units and use them against you, but you can do the same to them.


  • Ammunition is Life: Take your life literally into yours hand as you channel your own energy into your weapons to attack.
  • Nothing is Destroyed! Repair and capture destroyed enemy units and send powerful squads to assault their bases.
  • Explore an Alien World: Search the dark and forgotten corners of a fallen culture in an underwater alien world overflowing with strange corals and mysterious ruins.
  • You Control the Outcome: The end of the story depends upon which of the strange artificial lifeforms you ally with… and the price you're willing to pay to achieve their goals.



Created by Triple Hill Interactive, Underflow is all about command and control. Plot a winning strategy and come up with creative ways to help your microbot army complete its mission. When alien software uploads your consciousness into a biomechanical host on a distant aquatic planet, you find yourself thrown into a world where hostile nanobots threaten to exterminate you and every nanobot loyal to your cause. But as the metabot, you can not only transform into any form you can copy from the enemy, you can steal hostile nanobots and make them into your own allies! Begin a real-time tactical adventure like no other as you capture, explore, and transform this underwater realm into your own dominion. When developing Underflow, we wanted to explore the idea of artificial intelligence through a compelling story. The game allows players to function as an AI – commanding an army of organic machines. Winning means gaining direct knowledge of who you really are – and uniting all factions behind a single, all-powerful entity.


Triple Hill is a studio based in Košice, Slovakia. Game designer and CEO Peter Adamondy was previously working on financial software for investment banks. Former avionics engineer Martin Benetin is responsible for UI systems and gameplay code. Pavol Liščinský with PhD in cybernetics works on AI and shaders. Tattoo artist and graphic designer Marián Greššák worked on various visuals and advertisements for Unicef, Comunique and many other companies. He left the company in 2018


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There are far more images available for Underflow, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

There are currently no logos or icons available for Underflow. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council" - Bratislava, Slovakia - June 26, 2017

Core team

Peter Adamondy
CEO, Game designer

Marián Greššák (former)

Martin Benetin
Programming - Systems engineer

Pavol Liščinský
Programming - AI, Shaders

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